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Club Program

Why Join a Club?


*Community Building

*New Experiences

*Leadership Development

*Youth Voice & Choice

*Explore the Outdoors

Club program has a focus on the growth and development of your children.  Our youth Thrive in Camp Fire.  Camp Fire youth and their families have an opportunity to explore the world, be creative, plan, participate and reflect upon community service and gain a sense of belonging.  Projects follow the five Camp Fire Trails.

Camp Fire Clubs are small groups of youth led by trained adult volunteers.  Most Clubs meet weekly for 1 – 1.5 hours at school, in a Leader’s home or other community sites.  Clubs are open to all children Preschool through High School.  Volunteer leadership is the key component of Club Program.  Without leaders, a club cannot exist.

Inquire if there is a club in your area
Register for a club

Apply to be a Club Leader

The Club Program’s Five Trails

Trail to Knowing Me – Children learn relationship and communication skills.

Trail to Family & Community – Strengthens child’s place in the family and community with a focus on leadership, service-learning and citizenship.

Trail to CreativityStimulates creativity and imagination through visual and performing arts and creative writing.

Trail to the Environment – Helps youth understand and appreciate the natural world thru activities in nature, environmental awareness and geography.

Trail to the Future – Contains activities that develop mental and physical skills, such as sports, science and cooking.

Cost to Join

It costs $25 annually to be a member of Camp Fire. Financial Aid is available for anyone who qualifies for free or reduced lunch. Clubs will charge additional dues to cover the cost of running the club (anywhere from $2-10 per month). Clubs also do fundraisers including a Candy Sale to cover the cost of providing the club program.

Levels of Camp Fire

Camp Fire serves all youth ages 3 through High School. Clubs are organized based on grades:
* Little Stars (3-pre-K), wear a red sash
* Starflight (K-2nd Grade), wear a red vest
* Adventure (3rd-5th Grade), wear a blue vest
* Discovery (6th-8th grade), wear a blue sash
* Horizon (9th-12th grade), wear a blue sash

Kids wear their uniform with a white shirt and navy or khaki pants. Uniforms, emblems and beads can be purchased at the
Camp Fire Store, 4312 Rucker Ave., Everett 98203.

To Join or Volunteer

To register for the Club Program, click here.  To find out if a club is available in your area, please fill out the Club Inquiry Form and your Club Administrator will try to match you up with a club. Clubs are all led by adult volunteers who have been through our screening and training process. Without volunteers there are no clubs. Click here to apply to be a club leader. If there is no club for you to join, the Club Administrator will suggest that you or someone you know form a club and become a leader.

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within