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Self Reliance Program

All children today need to learn how to feel good about themselves. They need to know how to be responsible for their own actions and how to handle threats to their safety and security. They need self-confidence. They NEED to be self-reliant kids.

Building the Self-Reliance skills that young people need in today’s world is one of the primary goals of all Camp Fire programs. Helping children learn to take care of themselves in specific situations is the goal of each of Camp Fire’s Self-Reliance programs. Self-Reliance courses targeted to specific skills are the newest and fastest growing Camp Fire programs. These courses are designed to require a short-term commitment – usually from six to nine weeks.

Self-Reliance courses are unique in many ways. Like all Camp Fire programs, Self-reliance courses attempt to negate traditional stereotypes and help all youth develop a balance of skills. The curriculum is thoroughly developed and comprehensive in scope; learning is not left to chance. All instructors are trained and present the materials in a fun, active manner which helps to keep interest levels high and enables youth to practice their new found skills in a non-threatening environment.

Courses are primarily held in schools or through Parks and Recreation Departments.

The following is a brief description of the Self-Reliance courses:

Count on Me Kids helps children develop strong, positive self-images by emphasizing healthy lifestyles and encouraging children to do their best. Topics include: how to keep your body strong and healthy, protecting yourself from harm by being safe and careful, how to be a good friend and care for others, saying “no” to negative peer pressures and the many ways I am unique and special.

I CAN DO IT, Grades 2,3
This class teaches youngsters many different “how to” skills such as: making healthy snacks, answering telephone call from strangers, handling emergencies, escaping from fires, and mush more. Basically, the course provides knowledge about situations which can arise while being home alone, on the way to school or being out in public on your own.

Youth learn techniques to demonstrate how one shows respect, how to communicate positively through words, how to identify their own feelings and others’ in order to avoid conflict. They learn a basic of what conflict means and how to resolve or avoid it.

School grades, sports, peer pressure, family problems…. teens these days deal with a lot of stress. This course is designed to help teens learn to identify with the stress in their life, feel less alone, more positive about themselves and better able to deal with disappointment.

Learn the how to’s of babysitting – everything from the proper way to hold a child to what to do in an emergency. Topics include: infant and toddler care, play ideas, behavior management, age characteristics, emergency procedures, fining sitting jobs and working with the parents.

DIFFERENT AND THE SAME, Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4
Using videos, role playing, and discussions, children will learn to address the complex issues of human relationships and to identify bias so that it can be prevented. The children will learn how to identify bias and prejudice, to share their feelings, and deal with these issues in a positive and productive manner.

WISE KIDS, Grades 2 – 5
The Wise Kids Lessons are all about healthy living and making good choices for your body. A large focus is on learning Energy Balance: Energy IN (or calories in through food and liquids) should be balanced with Energy OUT (or calories out through daily living and physical activity) over time. Other topics of Wise Kids include: MyPlate, Calories, Food labels, Heart and Body, Being active and the importance of getting sleep.

WISE KIDS 2, Grades 2 – 5
Wise Kids 2 is the second course continuing lessons about healthy living and making good choices for your body. Topics for Wise Kids 2 include: Goal setting, daily needs and serving sizes, vitamins, water, muscles, bones, and your brain.

Want a course in your school?
Courses may be modified to higher or lower grades depending upon the needs of the students. Class duration may also be varied to meet the schedules of the hosting group.

Please call the Self Reliance Coordinator at 425 258 KIDS or email for pricing and for more information on any Self Reliance Course.

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