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Elizabeth Johnson Scholarship Fund for Camp Willie Attendees

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Elizabeth Johnson was a beloved colleague, friend, Camp Fire and Coastal family member. Elizabeth left this world on December 19, 2020 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. This fund honors Elizabeth by leaving a legacy of ongoing support for a cause that was important to her, this was Camp Fire and the Camp Willie grief camp.

Coastal Community Bank is donating $5,000 to the Elizabeth Johnson Scholarship Fund in honor of her commitment and passion for youth. Camp Fire Snohomish County would like to turn this into an ongoing annual scholarship. Camp Willie is a week for children who have experienced a loss due to the death of a loved one. They are supported throughout by trained resident camp staff and staff members with experience and expertise in the bereavement process.

From former Camp Fire Snohomish CEO Jim Stephanson: “Elizabeth served on our Camp Fire Governing Board since 2012. She was our Board President beginning in 2017  through early 2020. Even as her health became an issue for her, she continued to serve however she could. She was a strong advocate for Camp Fire and was passionate about helping all kids. We host a Grief Camp every year at Camp Killoqua and this was one of her favorite programs. We all miss her tremendously here at Camp Fire.”

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Thank you for contributing to this fund so we can serve more children attending Camp Willie at Camp Killoqua.